Things to Annoy Scammers - Cricket

I just had a call with a tech suppoat scammer. After the usual small talk about things like his romantic feelings for goats and the marital status of his parents, he and I had a lengthy and interesting discussion about Australia’s recent victory in the T20 cricket world cup and how India didn’t win it.

For non-cricket fans, T20 is a short form of cricket. It’s huge in India and their own domestic competition the IPL is the biggest of its kind in the world. The World Cup has just been held in Dubai and India were huge favorites to win it but crashed and burned horribly.

For the next few days, some topics you may wish to discuss with the scammers:

Why Australia are better at cricket than India
Why Viraat Kohli sucks
Why India didn’t even qualify for the final
How it must feel to lose to Pakistan
Steve Smith is the best player in the world
Why couldn’t India even beat New Zealand
Would India be better at cricket if they stopped spending all their time scamming people?

I’m sure they’ll be delighted to have a lengthy conversation about all of the above and more.

[BTW, to any non-scammers from India reading this, I’m really, really, really sorry :)]