These guys tried to call me


We need more information about this.

What type of scam is this?

Did you bother to make sure that this is a scam?

Scraps210 is right,

Is it a Tech support scam? A Irs scam

Is there a link to a webpage.

Any information is fine

@rickardo#4834 Sorry for the delay, these guys have the same area code as these other scammers posted on here… Not to be racist but the voicemail they left was them and they had the accents most scammers have

@smartypants300#4843 What were they about? That is still not specific. Did you talk to them to make sure that they are running a scam?

@scraps210#4844 I think deleting this post would be a good idea, I blocked their number because they called me 2x also they’re in Ohio and I’m far away from there, idk I thought they might be scammers because they had the same area code as some previous scammers on here

Not a scam, that number is Nielsen, which is a company who conducts surveys and research for TV providers and channels. If you received a call related to a scam from this number chances are it was a spoofed number.

@R34P3R#4848 Yup just googled searched it.