There is something that needs to be address

I was afraid to talk about this, but I have addressed this matter. I will have people who support me on this matter and other people who don’t support me on this. I’m not here to call out anyone’s name on here or outside of, but I have realized this there are too many racist people on here and outside of As I was on youtube, I watched a documentary on scam call centers. As I was scrolling down the comments, many people were just so damn awful, saying stuff like, “I love getting telemarketer calls from India. It allows me to express my anger and racism toward them.” And it’s not only on that video but so many that I encounter so much racism all over the place, and spewing your racism to a scammer makes you just as bad as them.

Now I’ve also encountered racist Scammers who say bad things about African, Latino, and Asian people but never be at their level of stupidity. Because being racist at them back doesn’t help the situation at all; it only makes things worse, and you as a scambaiter are doing a terrible job at scambaiting. You can find a way to shut down a scam call center by making a Virtual Box or Machine. And getting the nesscery information out of them that way you can stop scammers for good. I will also not be on here for two months or more because I want to catch up on my studies in college. I will see you guys next time.


I totally agree with you. No room for racism.
Will be eager to hear from you in 2 months.


So much agree to what you said here. Being racist doesn’t help much.