Theinvestmentcentre scam

Has anyone been unfortunate enough to have anything to do with this scam?

No, but i want to get some knowledge about it. Can u give me url to their site/sites. (At least one.)

Not sure if the E mail I sent goes to you.
I think they are the same company.

The scam : CryptoCurrencyClassic - {
ASN: 40034
ISP: Network Solutions, LLC or Confluence Networks Inc
} - {
ISP: Coreix Ltd
ASN: 31708
ISP: Coreix Ltd (
Registrar: Mark Adams t/a [Tag = 3DWEB]
Name Servers:
find on whois cuz i can only use 6 links

Registrant Contact
Name: Mark Adams
Address: 3DWeb Kemp House 152 City Road London EC1V 2NX United Kingdom

} - {
Domain: West aws
ASN: 16509
ISP: Amazon

Registrar: TurnCommerce, Inc. DBA NameBright com

Name Servers:
find on whois cuz i can only use 6 links

Hi wow that’s amazing that you could get all that information, I was wondering could any of this information potentially be used against them? You have a name and address what does that mean?
I have been told that it’s impossible to ever get anything back.
I have resigned myself to accepting this loss. As you can imagine it’s hard to take for an average wage earner to loose all his savings.
I’m not a gambler or investor, I retired and got a payout and lost it all within a month because I was stupid and put my money into something I know nothing about.
Anyhow I’m not telling you this to cry on your shoulder…as you know I have no idea of what’s is even possible, I need help, at least some good advice, would you be interested in helping me with this? Or let me know who can steer me in the right direction? Obviously I don’t expect you to help for nothing as your time is valuable…I think you know if it’s not even worth trying, I would relly appreciate your opinion.