"The Phone Support" aka "K9 Tools" aka "Systweak Inc." aka "Reg Tuneup"

These madarchods are 100% a scam, they seem to re-skin their “products” and re-brand them as something different over and over again.

https://www.zaubacorp.com/director/SHRISHAIL-RANA/01984646 (CEO's background)
http://imgur.com/a/tRMYC (Image of both programs side by side showing different amounts of errors)

(855) 765-6710 [Number on Systweak and 'phone support' site]
(855)­ 761-8856 [Number on RegTuneup site]
(855) 716-7017 [Number on K9 Tools site]

Let's be real. No real company has three numbers that connect to the same line and no real company re-skins their products and markets them as something else. Their number seems to be unavailable right now through the methods I've tried, however, I anticipate it will be up either sometime this weekend or during the week. These guys have been around for far too long and they have deleted files off of my virtual machine in the past.

Give em' hell.