The Mental Prolapse of ScammerBlaster Continues

Those of us who do (or were) on Discord in the last several weeks witnessed a blow-up between Deeveeaar and ScammerBlaster, then ScammerBlaster and Bob.

And recently ScammerBlaster has issued threats again to a person SB barely even knows. ScammerBlaster has gone after two people who are key in the scambaiting community. There seems to be a pattern to SB's intimidation surfacing here; his attention seems to be drawn to just about anybody who happens to have a dialer.

This has elevated to SB issuing threats to doxx scambaiters.

I don't want to stand in the way of SB's efforts to monetize scambaiting, or whatever his projects happen to be. But now that he's focused some of his attention on going after scambaiters, I now consider him a dangerous liability that puts this community at risk.

Hell, I myself am probably also now at risk just for putting this out here for the rest of the scambaiting community to read. I have my own attorneys that I pay for other matters related to my work and personal business, and if I'm attacked I guess I'm "man enough" to take it, and if the circumstances warrant--retaliate.

I don't do scambaiting for coins, and I'm not looking for them. I got interested in this hobby first as a way to clear all my phones from bullshit nonsense calls, and then applying my skills to go after the people who are dumping loads of garbage calls on the telecom network. That's my only mission/motivation, nothing else. I don't have much time or tolerance for frivolities that get in the way of that.

I always thought SB to be cool, but each exchange and blow-up of unhinged narcissism, going after key people in this community who help make it work and him now issuing threats to damage this community have led me to believe that SB is perhaps far more worse, perhaps more dangerous, than a scammer.

![image 2019-03-24-11-54-26png.png](upload://zUOvEZZB1ARmtRkHCRZqDiKTIfe.png)![image 2019-03-24-11-54-26png.png](upload://zUOvEZZB1ARmtRkHCRZqDiKTIfe.png)

To add:

You might be wondering why I'm putting this topic on in the first place. Some reasons, and you can find one or more that justifies your feelings/thoughts:

  • - This drama has gone on long enough
  • - It is now causing damage to the scambaiting community
  • - If ScammerBlaster is stupid enough to carry out any of his vapid threats, even if he half-asses through any of them, it seriously damages the community even more
  • - Plenty of manual scambaiters--the core community--who know of Bob, SB or DVR but do not know about any of this have no idea what SB has been doing to the rest of us, and they do deserve to know
  • - ScammerBlaster has been delivering context threats to more than just DVR and Bob, but also to the mods here on
  • Ultimately, my excuse for posting this here is this: his behavior has now risen to a level that other people deserve an open warning about it. I mean, I wouldn't join his Discord server or view his YouTube channel without using a VPN.

    Keep in mind that ScammerBlaster was removed from after an episode of him contemplating CID-shadowing local FBI field offices out loud on here. Not a great look.

    I don't want to participate at all in this quest that ScammerBlaster seems to have undertaken against the scambaiting community. I think others who are unfamiliar with what is going on should at least know what's going on so they can make that judgment call as well to guard their interactions with him.

    I wish I saved a copy of his “ultimatum” that he spammed on

    I am currently in their server trying to find info, its a mess

    @thunder#81223 I wasn’t here for any of that weird shit but the level of crazed crap coming out of him now is insane.

    Threatening to doxx any scambaiter to leave them exposed to all sorts of crap coming from bad people, I don't care who you are---there is no excuse for that behavior.

    There is also no reason to trust *any* person who condones that bullshit, either.

    @MonadoBoi#81229 I would just leave SB and his Discord server alone and avoid.

    From reading a couple of his other screeds he seems to just want to get a piece of monetization pie and become a Kitboga with cash. His threats are directed solely at people he believes get in the way of that, the rest of the scambaiting community be damned.

    I think SB and his team just want to be left alone, and that's probably wise advice, because if you do participate or want to get involved you can become "too-involved" and then you could find yourself in a bad place with something that's volatile and unstable, and who the fuck wants that.

    We're just in it to scambait.

    These actions show he’s continuing a downward mental spiral. He had hopes and dreams of having government contracts to fight scammers, however with his current and past behavior he’s clearly unfit for any public position. His threatening to dox me shows that he’s not thinking rational. ‘Doxing’ is a very legal grey area, it’s not automatically illegal and it must be shown that it was done with the intent to harass. By threatening to do so, as well as mention possible effects…he’s provided ‘Exhibit A’ for any lawsuit or trial against him. Someone acting this irrationally is dangerous to themselves and others because their inability to think clearly.

    Scammer blaster called me noob for using Asterisk/FreePBX. Said he had much better. He uploaded a video. He uses FreePBX. Compulsive liar needs to make everyone feel bad, even if it’s based on a lie.

    ![image unknownpng.png](upload://biQzorwbYUjQNTA8ArkVMpuObSu.jpeg)![image unknownpng.png](upload://biQzorwbYUjQNTA8ArkVMpuObSu.jpeg)

    I wish ScammerBlaster would just take a huge chill pill. I don’t know if there’s a pill that will sooth egos but he needs one. Xanax works wonders.

    I've watched enough of his content to know that my skills are vastly more advanced than what he's doing with his dialer. I mean, it's clear he's figured out some basic things out---but most of what he knows is from pestering other people. I don't think the dude actually writes much code at all, which is a requirement if you're going to sit behind any kind of dialer. Like... 900 putty windows on your Windows 98-whatever looking screen doesn't impress me.

    He should stop threatening us and focus on scammers instead. If you want to make cash out of doing this stuff, fine. Be a personality. But don't be such a... whatever.... and go after other scambaiters in this community who didn't do anything to you, and don't try to wreck innocents in the process.

    ![image photoeditor-1553822002286jpg.jpeg](upload://tKHe05scRkYyO9dOnQEnFqaF6vY.jpeg)![image photoeditor-1553822002286jpg.jpeg](upload://tKHe05scRkYyO9dOnQEnFqaF6vY.jpeg)

    @kenzo#82345 Yes I see it like it too. Half of his server mods already said sorry to me and also are appaled by his behavior. TK was gone for some time, LinuxNinja left the server alltogether. Rex is also bored of the stuff. Everyone just hates him but they are scared apparently to speak up.

    Just stay off discord and no issue. I would never reg there!

    Very unfortunate. I have never understood why there has to be division amongst those fighting for the same cause. But such has been the case since the beginning of time. Nothing wrong with a bit of competition, but when it gets dirty and ugly, you can bet fragile egos are involved.

    So ScammerBlaster raided the TLS Discord Server; because apparently he has nothing else to do and he’s not dialing anybody.

    And lets not forget the reason for the raid, was because he went batshit crazy and said I sent him an apology e-mail. I said it was a lie, it made him look bad, so he was the victim so clearly committing a petty felony, annoying hundreds of people makes perfect sense.

    He is mentally insane, he does something wrong, is called out on it, and he's somehow the victim. This has happened again and again and is the reason for the drama.