The bhenchodes are on to me, but they can't even get my name right!

(Clipped by @Bea, tipped to me by @spicybrown)


Bastards… post the number, we should all gang up on him. :slight_smile:


The utube vedio contained some of stale excuse and threats coming from this guy named Sameer I had yesterday, he mentioned several of us by our handle you were one of them, but you know dam well they’re zero percent you have to be worried about as good always defeats scam and always remember we are doing nothing wrong or illegal they are, and they are the ones that have to be concerned for what THEY DO , it is certainly not us, and you don’t have to look at it any other way I don’t and never will when comes to standing up for the naive consumers being taken advantage of.


lol, scammers breaking character is very entertaining…


You should share any numbers if they mention this website or some users by name. It’ll be fun to call them.

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