"The best VPN PC Mobile" TROJAN

Link (Dangerous): VPN Special Offer | ExpressVPN (expressedvpn.com)

Registered by Alex Alex in Albuquerque, New Mexico via Nicenic on May 24, 2022 - Whois expressedvpn.com


VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - 9271f3072c6b45c45e1420479325a1b6dc48dd4c86df6232d854e212ce7199d3

Any.Run - Expressvpn 5.10.0.zip (MD5: 679C113ECDBD12739ADBE3FA792CF7AC) - Interactive analysis - ANY.RUN


Program is designed to mimic ExpressVPN and contains the Cryptor and Obsidium trojans. All information is logged on a Telegram server.

Associated Facebook Account - Blue Home Property (facebook.com)

Associated IP Addresses:

ip is where all the information gets logged
all information from pc is in zip file then sent via a http post request to the ip
funny that you can also upload any files to them there is no restrictions
took advantage and their telegram must be now filled with useless files

@ 11:12 am EST is offline, rendering the uploading of a victims information useless!!