That Was Interesting

I called a number, that was posted on another scambaiting forum, a few times. (I think it may be dead, but I’ll post it below). I assume they were already being pestered at that point because the only answer I received was dead silence, followed by curse words the first two times I called. The third time I was put on with someone with a more American sounding accent. I asked a couple questions and apparently he was an actual potential victim who was calling the number.

The scammers were being pestered with calls at that point, so they must have thought he was another prankster and immediately conferenced him with me. He turned out to be a pretty respectful and nice sounding young man, probably in his mid teens. When I realized what was happening I told the young man that he had called scammers and explained what was happening and why he was now talking to me. He said he was honestly just confused because he called the number about his $500 refund and someone answered the phone by saying "benchode" then immediately connecting him with me.😂

That was definitely one of the more interesting experiences I've had in all my years of messing with these people. I'll remember that one. 😆😂

(209) 340-4532

@OlDirtyCambo#161864 yeah if you’ve never been conferenced with another scam baiter it can definitely give you a WTF moment

@FattyMatty#161873 hahaha I would love that honestly!

@HellaDank420#161877 a lot of times it’s hard to hear the other person clearly and then all of a sudden you’re completely disconnected

Conferencing us is fun … I always tell about the 7464 secret … Scammer hear and cut in FU#K YOU … or put hold music or disconnect call :sweat_smile: …i love conferencing them together too and 2nd line and text now u can … They scam each other … Its fun listen to and they figure out start speaking Hindi …:joy:

@Draco#161906 hahahaha I was doing that the other day to scammers at the same call center. One finally recognized the other’s voice or something cuz she said something to him in Hindi, (the only possibly anglicized word I might have heard was “customer”, I assume referring to me) then they both hung tf up.