TextNow decided to suspend my account due to violation of terms and conditions. The only reason I used textnow was to call scammers. This is the kind of world we live in, I get reported by scammers and my account gets terminated. They are still out there stealing money from grandparents, single mothers and cancer patients and I get penalized. Romans 12:19 "Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: “‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay,’ says Jehovah.”


Turn OFF the voicemail they find out it textnow or 2nd line when they get the VM.

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Yes I was also kicked off TexNow same as you used it for scambaiting only , violation of terms and conditions , never got to the bottom of why I lost my number and was never able to get back on the system!! No explanation was given by TexNow and no chance of getting an appeal protest lodged. Sometimes life sucks.

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What are your options now for calling scammers?

Ok…tried Skype… now using Open-phone… good but expensive. what are you using…Col

google voice… I want to keep mine anonymous. I tried to get a second number. no success.

Scammers can get as many numbers as they want with 10 different companies, but we cannot. SAD :frowning:

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Will have a look at Google Voice…Don’t know how I managed to get on Textnow as I am in the uk. Good Hunting. Col

I just havent been

come on… its you civic duty. :smiley:

get Magic Jack. try google voice.

Talkaphone? 2nd line? Turn the VM OFF before u make calls

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Lol I always laugh when i hear acammers using magic jack… I thought they went out of business in the 90s lol

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I will look into it. Thanks

Contact fellow scambaiter “Dey0” in YouTube. He has contacts with TexNow folks.


Same. I use “Talkatone” now


If you get banned from TextNow, you can try creating a new account.

Otherwise, just pay for a real phone service.

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I’ve had text now, second number and Google voice numbers suspended. I just signed up for new numbers with a different email.


Yeah @Shaemis98, that happened to me too. Like @MajorLeeAwesome mentions lower in this thread, you can create if necessary a secondary and free email account (protonmail.com is free) and use it just to get a new TextNow number using a different throw-away email address.

On 24-Apr-2023, I was logged into this site and was using my most recent TextNow number that I had gotten with a throw-away email address about 3 months ago. I was using it on April 24th to harass the hell out of scammer numbers, and I think it was a scammer’s TextNow number that I’d been calling non-stop. Maybe though it was one of the VOIP scammer numbers I was harassing, whether toll-free or not.

Anyway, I think the criminal turned me into TextNow because all of a sudden when calling I got “the number is disconnected” and when I called my own VOIP Home number that I KNOW is working number and I still got “the number is disconnected” yet when I used my real cell phone number to call my VOIP Home number my VOIP Home number DID NOT ring.

I knew I could use a different email address to get a new TextNow number but I went ahead and used the same throw-away email address to get a new TextNow number on April 24. I got the new TextNow number but when I called for the first time my VOIP Home number STILL it said “the number is disconnected” despite the fact that my VOIP Home number is a working number.

OUT OF CURIOSITY, knowing that it was my own choice to try using the SAME throw-away email address on Apr. 24th for a new TextNow number, I used the LIVE CHAT of TextNow to start a chat. The first representative chatted via the webpage with me, and she verified that I had stuff within my new TextNow number set up correctly and I had stuff in my cell phone’s Settings set up correctly, she had a 2nd LIVE CHAT TEXTNOW representative start chatting with me.

To make a long story short, the 2nd rep said to wait as the 2nd rep will look into it. The 2nd rep started chatting live again and said basically that my new TextNow number has been suspended for 3 to 5 days because I violated the Terms and Conditions. The 2nd rep typed a link that shows the official TextNow Terms and Conditions. I typed to ask the 2nd Representative which term or terms I violated, how exactly I violated the Terms and Conditions. The 2nd Rep typed that she is not able to inform me how exactly I violated the Terms and Conditions but that in 3 - 5 days I should be able to use my new 24-Apr-2023 since my “suspension” will be finished.

So today, 02-May-2023, I tried calling a number in a thread in this site and I got through just fine. I had in my TextNow app my call to my own VOIP home number from the older TextNow number that I got rid of on April 24th AND that carried over to the new 24-Apr TextNow number that I got on 24-Apr. When today I called my OWN VOIP Home number that works and is connected, AFTER successfully calling a scammer number today from a thread in this site, STILL it says “number is not connected” even though I know it is a working VOIP number. In fact, while typing this post I went to answer my Home VOIP phone that started ringing. So even though my 3 - 5 day suspension is over in the sense that I called today successfully a scammer’s number from a thread that @Jhawk created, today I CANNOT call my home number because it still says my home VOIP number is disconnected. This is okay though since I only use my TextNow number to mess with scammers.

In the future I’ll just use a different throw-away email address to get new TextNow numbers. I was curious and tried the LIVE CHAT TEXTNOW to inquire.

Here is the link the LIVE CHAT 2nd TextNow representative gave me for the Terms and Conditions:


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TURN OFF YOUR VM ON TEXT NOW or leave a custom message. if you do so they wont know which phone app. your using. Thats what i do.

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Thanks, @Dragon1! I never had looked into the Settings/Voicemail/Calling! Whenever I got a new TextNow number, I immediately started calling scammers.

Just now I went in to my new TextNow number and switched OFF the generic TextNow voicemail greeting and I did NOT create a new custom voicemail greeting.

Thanks again!