TextNow Numbers

Lots of 'baiters use TextNow. I have never had any use for VoIP numbers because I always had network access to set up my own phone service. Now, for the first time in 20 years, I don’t.

So I went to the TextNow website and, as far as I can tell, there is no way to activate a TextNow number without downloading an app.

Which is really weird because TextNow has always told me subscribers can chose to use a smartphone app to the web.

Does anyone know how to use TextNow on a PC without downloading an App?



You still need to download a DT app so it will interface with your browser. Another option is to use an emulator (such as Bluestacks), but you’d still need to DL the android/iOS app.


You can use it on the web, but because of abuse (VPN) they had to change that…
so now you need to create an account from your phone but after that you can use it from the website

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I do not see an option for a desktop app on the TextNow site.

I tried using Bluestacks and got this error.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

(This is really interesting because it suggests TextNow is scanning for an IMEI or Ad ID.)

Not just baiters. I’ve come across multiple scammers, especially tech support benchodes who sent my calls to their voicemail.


Well, yes. Does anyone know about when TextNow started restricting sign up to Android and iOS?

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I use browser based TextNow


If you try https://www.textnow.com/messaging it sends you to links for the Apple and Microsoft app stores. You can download the PC app from Microsoft, but when you launch it, you get a sign in page. When you click create a new account, it sends you back to the page that links to the Apple or Android stores.

There is a review in the Microsoft app store that suggests this change was made in May.


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the desktop app is in Microsoft Store, and I am using TextNow on BlueStacks for so long and Ive never had a problem related to that

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and you can try to change the phone type in BlueStacks and see if it helps

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I have two browser based text now number, they work great most of the time…

If you try to create a new account in the Microsoft app it redirects you to the Apple and Android stores.

I tried several phone profiles in Bluestacks and all resulted in the same “device not supported error.”

Try creating a new TextNow account in Bluestacks. It is possible Bluestacks works with an existing account, just now when creating a new TextNow account.

so maybe they blocked this (I am still using it so IDK whats the problem)… you can try the Android Studio Emulator, I think that should work… but it is very laggy

Has anyone been able to create a new TextNow account (without using a smartphone) since May?

me, but this method isnt working anymore (I think), you need to “Buy a Sim card” thrugh their website but instead of actually buying it you need to type fake but valid credintals and it will ask you to create an account, and then just create a new account and log in instead of actually buying something…