TextNow alternative (should work outside US)

Hey guys! So this is not my first time in the scambaiting business, as I’ve done thing many months ago here and there, and all those times I’ve faced a big issue that really prevented me from continuing scambaiting - a damn VOIP. For a while I’ve used FireRTC, and it worked brilliantly for me, but that shut down, so then I had to move on to TextNow, and it’s where Hell began. I don’t know why, but for me the website keeps glitching on out, especially when I’m trying to log in or sign up. Idk if it’s me being in Europe or whatnot, but even if I use a VPN, I can never log in or sign up without the TextNow website freezing up, forever loading or continuosly showing me the “whoopsy daisy, something went wrong, so sowwy, pwease try again later and we wont do cwap!”. I’m completely fed up with TextNow. By any chance would you guys happen to know of a system that’s not TextNow but works outside the US? Thanks!

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Talkatone is one option, not the best - but can get the job done.


I’m in the UK, I use talkatone and TextNow on my phones, my TextNow was working on my pc too until I upgraded it a few weeks ago.

What if my iPhone refuses to download talkatone because of the country I’m in? I’ve tried out this one VPN but it didn’t do crap.

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Yeah, it seems to log me out of my account and not work - if I’m using a VPN myself at times on my phone.

I’m not sure what other options there are.

Don’t know if this helps but I have 2 telnyx numbers for US calls too, $1 to buy a number and $1 per month to maintain, calls are cheap, I think I get about 5 hours of calls for about $1 they are recorded too I believe (haven’t tried accessing the recordings yet) I use microsip but I think you can dial directly from telnyx.
I’m in the UK, I guess it will be the same from the rest of Europe.

Yeah same! Hence I use TextNow - as someone in the states made me an account. Talkatone is a bit shit, but normally gets the job done although they appear to have recently updated their TOS to claim that it’s not actually MEANT for usage outside the USA, although it works fine for me anyways - I’ve been using it for years! They don’t appear to be “diehard” enforcing it though as of yet.

Also thanks for sharing those UK Numbers!

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@JimJimbples welcome to the community! :tada:

You’re welcome, I wish there were hundreds of us calling them.
Most of the UK numbers I share are supplied by Colt Technology who support scammers, they sometimes take days to respond to my reports and then just give the scammers new numbers. (over 100 fake PayPal in the last 3 months)
Some carriers are so good at shutting down numbers I don’t even bother sharing them.