Test Website | Vigilante.me | Opinions Needed

I’m testing vigilante.me, tell me what do you think of the domain & idea?
It’s a private social website.

I’d like to see it being used not just for scammers but for fighting all types of crime. We can keep everything private, and you have the power to approve or deny users access to your spaces so you can make yourself a trusted group of people to share information.



I think that would be beneficial. I tried to sign up but when I received the email about how to sign up, the link didn’t seem to work.

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Try again, it works for me

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It worked

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Works fine, Just not allowed to have a gallery yet.


Made a private space (Invite/Request Only) Looking good tho.

Dunno if I like vigilante.me as a domain. I cooperate with law enforcement in every way possible, not taking it into my own hands or whatever.

IMHO, by baiting the scammer whether or not you deal with them with the police it doesn’t matter, you still would be considered a “vigilante” because it is not your job to bait and report scammers.

Aside from that, I can’t even sign up for the website I get:
An unexpected server error occurred. If this keeps happening, please contact a site administrator.

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That’s fair, but I guess it is not that extreme. Vigilantism is usually considered, like, going out and killing someone you think commited a crime or whatever.

i dont see how this would stop scammers accessing the website as you wouldnt know what their email would be nor would you know what there username would be unless you can see where the person is like their country etc but even then some people like to fight scammers coming from india etc so this feature is useless in my mind keeping it private

thunder you did an amazing job on that site!

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Good idea and execution, however, I would recommend perhaps only allowing access to the site after some sort of interview process. Vigilantism as a form of justice is illegal and this site could attract LEO or FEDs. Furthermore it will insulate you from scammers potentially browsing the site and figuring out how we operate (which is something some scammers already do in order to learn how to identify baiters and avoid us). You can make the interview process automatic or manual but I would highly recommend personally screening requests to ensure security.

Welcome @YourComputerIsDead!

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Looks great sign up was easy

Just signed up. Looks good!