Test Website | Vigilante.me | Opinions Needed

I’m testing vigilante.me, tell me what do you think of the domain & idea?
It’s a private social website, a clone of the earlier https://roleplay.info test I have running.

I’d like to see it being used not just for scammers but for fighting all types of crime. We can keep everything private, accounts will be verified by me before being allowed onto the site, but even then you can limit who sees your profile & posts so if a scammer got on most stuff would be hidden. Also there will be no ads or trackers.


Some features:

Private file sharing on your profile

Public and private spaces for information


I think that would be beneficial. I tried to sign up but when I received the email about how to sign up, the link didn’t seem to work.

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Try again, it works for me

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It worked

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Works fine, Just not allowed to have a gallery yet.

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Made a private space (Invite/Request Only) Looking good tho.