Test.Shrinkurl A Huge Scam Ads

Test.Shrinkurl is an link shortner that short you link and put ads before it so you can get
small percent of income
but there are alot of scam mccafe affiliate is it new scam?
its the same as the popup scam which will tell you
you have been infected or somethink but with no phone number
if you click in fix now it will redirect you to to affiliate mccafe website so the victims can
get scared and buy it with the affiliate link from the popup so they can get small amount
of money. the victim has no virus but yeah all they want is money

i will provide some links to the popup but later
plz be carefull also becarefull of the shrinkurl
shrinkurl is full of illegal graphics so kids fall for it when they type free account generator in google

i will also infrom shrinkulr about this and i hope they remove the scam ads