Telstra Technical Department

Received a call from our friendly Telstra Technical Department located in Melbourne at 242 Exhibition Street. Had a lovely chat to Jennifer Wilson who explained everything I needed to know about the bad warnings and errors I was having on my computer. She then passed me to Steven Wallace who reiterated Telstra’s concern for the security of my internet connection. I was then transferred back to Jennifer who walked me through downloading AnyDesk with securing my computer with their Telstra Secure Server and to set a password for it for unauthorised access with a password of stop1987. Then had me google for the validator at which was a W3C Markup Validation Service for my email address that was having the errors and warnings through, then i proceeded to typing in and they had the errors and warnings and she had clicked back which proceeded as a problem access for // reason.

Then she called herself Olivia (Job ID: 0705T96) and at this stage it was 35 minutes on the phone with a number of 039020727 by the time she had got access to my laptop her by 36 minutes and 13 seconds she hung up.

I then proceeded to and watched Indian Porn problem with no reaction. They are still connected to my laptop and I had stated I needed to talk to their supervisor Steven with no text reply. They are still connected and seem to be not doing anything.

They have tried to call back on 0896276731 was not fast enough to answer it.

They ended up calling back on 039020727 and tried to convince me to sign up on internet banking and that they could help me to sign up. This entire time they’ve been on my laptop for over an hour, I had previously talked to them on the phone for 36 minutes previously. I was now talking to Olivia the Senior Technician for Telstra and that she had told me this previously on the first call. I ended up putting in a fake Visa card number and a fake pin and typed the security for signing up. At least 4 or 5 times, and then she deleted all my desktop icons and then attempted (with my screen black) to syskey me. I was lucky enough to disconnect the internet before they could syskey me and she was clearly p!ssed and very unhappy that I had wasted over an hour of their valuable time to get nothing in return.