TechSupport Scammers

Fresh off the press. Walked into coworkers office and he was getting scammed in the usual fashion. My coworker had goto assist open and the scammer was asking for 100 bucks to fix nothing of course. Scammer used netstat and eventvwr to show fake problems.

I didn't talk to them long. Just closed the browser and goto assist.
Said he was in texas but I talked nicely and asked 3 times times and he said he was in Noida, India and it was very hot there today. ;p
Forgot to ask what company they were and all that, but I have a lot of work to do before I can get back to my gaming lol.

Pic of the popup. If its better to link to images in some other way let me know. It's just that it was not on my computer and like I said i got some shit to do.

Something I’ve figured out that pisses them off: start calling them random Indian names. “Srini” seems to work the best because that’s like the Indian “Mike”

@chrispierrebacon#3588 Calling them a ‘Bihari’ is the most effective…