Technical support scammer (Still Alive!)

Found this number in a youtube comment and i’ve tried it 2 times, it works:


Thanks, these guys are gold, so gullible ?

This number does work perfectly fine, however, you have to have a customer ID. I will see if I can get one for y’all to use when scambaiting. ?

dead on Hangouts.

@Trizocbs#3175 Still alive on FireRTC tho

[“A technical support scammer”,“A technical support scammer (dead on hangouts acording to Trizocbs)”]


You need a customer ID but just question there methods that seems to annoy them.

These guys are gold.

Aaaaand, they’re dead.

its alive…normal customer ID B.S…ahhhhhhhh

I will still spam the on skpye...

[“A technical support scammer (dead on hangouts acording to Trizocbs)”,“technical support scammer”]

Funnily enough one of their alleged addresses isn’t far from me, might pay them a visit. From what I can tell it is a clinical trials headquarters funnily enough.

It seems they are running fitness, menopause relief medication, Erectile dysfunction herbal supplements, and other scams.

[“technical support scammer”,“technical support scammer (Still Alive!)”]