Tech support

does any one got tech support numbers ?


Make sure to browse the forum frequently to find some. I’m working on a bot right now to get many of them.

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Ya yah😂

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I would pay for this as a service!! Can’t wait for this.

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:laughing: right.

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If you do, I’d be happy to host it

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Woah, thanks. I never thought much would come of posting about that but thanks!

What I mostly need help with is finding URLs for shadier ad networks’ redirect things, like the ones on porn websites or things like EvaDav with a lot of scammers. I’ve been using a bit of that and its helpful.

The only issue is they will not like a bot scanning their servers. And I don’t really want my servers IP address blacklisted as it hosts mission critical services

I see. I could just run it on my PC when possible w/ a VPN (I mean, I always use a VPN anyways). If you want, though, I could try to find some kind of proxy or something that you might find useful, but I don’t really know much about how that works.

I’m pretty sure I could proxy it through a VPN if needed

Alright, got it.