tech support

haha i found this 2 on the internet, the fun thing with the windows technical is they first fix your computer and afterwards you pay, so they worked on my computer but they only opent some progams and done nothing i record it soon on youtube, oh and when they worked on my computer they gave me a number to call so i got a extra number to

have fun

@thelonewolf#4500 I’ll have to waste their time, maybe get some free stuff.

@R34P3R#4501 haha get them

All they did was open task manager and maximized it on the CPU and memory usage graphs

Wow, I might have to disable cmd and taskmgr to make it really hard for them.

I disabled everything else, and they get frustrated.

Even worse: I pause the VM and the scammer thinks my internet connection is too slow.

They gave me this number 18004335778. It’s a number belonging to “Geek Squad”

@Jnteamed#4511 its good if they get frustrated, yesterday it cost them 1 hour and a half to know that they give all them time for nothing

@Solareon#4516 okey and did you call the geek squad, i found there website on


The most laziest scambaiter put the scammers on hold for an hour. And the hold music is offensive.

-Gardevoir, Jn teamed

My virtual name, never my real name.

Never real infomation. Not to the scammers.

@thelonewolf#4520 Definitely not Geek Squad. Geek Squad employs American and Canadian technicians, and do not hire out Indian call centers for their remtoe technical support.

wasted their time… called them a banchod and madarchod for 5 minutes non-stop… i seem to have made them happy.