Tech Support Websites Linked to Scam Numbers

Windows Support Phone Number - All Domains and Phone Numbers are from the the same company. The numbers have already been proven to be a scam by
1-800-961-1963 - Was active 2 days ago. I don't know if it is still active

[“Multiple Support Websites Linked to Scam Numbers”,“Tech Support Websites Linked to Scam Numbers”]

New websites by intelli atlas, they sell fake tech support to quickboooks and apple customers they are still active

@ColorfulFireworks#2297 1-800-961-1963 This number is still active. Dialed couple of hours ago.

All the numbers are active, these are new toll free numbers, I tried in the evening and spoke to someone named Roger, he said my quickbooks data has been compromised




More of their numbers they changed the phone numbers




have been shutdown


is shutdown as well

@DalastgamerYT#39821 It is still active

still active but they say “i am not interested”