Tech Support Scammers

These are the traditional tech support scammers, they are asking for iTunes gift cards, we called them today on our stream: 844-383-9001

EDIT, they have another phone: 888-288-5368

Nice. Called them from hangouts and tell them to press the four flag keys and the R button and type shutdown /p.

Then i hung up.

Useing their script “battle” them.

@MalcolmMerlyn#5557 Microsoft now accepts iTunes giftcards for tech support?

@memes#5561 Yes, i think the scammers have iphones and want more music because they can’t pirate.

@Jnteamed#5562 Or they sell them.

@Jnteamed#5562 On a youtube video I saw a scammer watching a video on how to download something. They’re clueless.