Tech support scammers?

This one's weird. Purports to be a search engine. When I open the chat and ask for computer support, they gave me a logmein link so tech support scam for sure.
Don't have my laptop with me right now, so they gave me a handy list of numbers to call:

US & Canada 1800-299-5269
UK 0800-279-6211 and 0800-151-0141
New Zealand 0800-452-799
Australia 1800-016-228 and 1800-810-318


Its the Search Engine which use Google Custom Search option. You got the search results of Google not the Search Lynk Website. You have misunderstood it. Its purely a search engine which gives the results of Google.

You can check it.

You only googled and found this how could you simply say its scam, before posting anything in social medias be clear. There are many tech supports are available around us. Hope this was clear to you.

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hey scammer you bhenchod

@MyName#4488 some legit companies use logmein. I suggest u try baiting them first before jumping to conclusions. I’m not trying to berate u or say ur wrong.

Omg i just realised this was from like 3 months ago. Why did @Marshal reply to a post from 3 months ago lmao