Tech support scammers. very funny

+18664270851 call now.

lol they kept making muffling noises with their headsets thinking that ill hang up.

o know. sounds like machine gun fire

Already posted.

This guy is fun ?

@thunder#1653 didnt know

UPDATE: these madarchods are attempting to report me to the indian military. 1: i am using skype, so is not my real number. 2: im american. 3:i reported them to the fbi

I called the living hell out of these guys and abused them in Hindi a lot. They got pretty pissed.


Yeh i have also been onto the same guy on and off since you posted all i get is ak47 noises when they answer its like they know im coming! lol


@lynzis#1662 lol its so funny

im also finding it rather amusing ringing, letting them read the first line of their script and hang up. rinse and repeat style.