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main 2 numbers stopped ringing, there barely picking up at 888-912-7011 …think there almost dead,

there pretty much dead, new people daily , like 2 people work there at nite …jayden is dead i tink lmao


@newtondial#31641 what do you mean rip Jayden? Last time I called igoair I got Jayden on the phone…

They are in trouble, RIP Kunal and Mohit Bansal

RIP Microsoft: Two booked for posing as Microsoft officials | Chandigarh News - Times of India

LMAO on to livepcexpert and myphonesupport (blocked on firertc but not on mathrawk)

how the hell is 8889127011 still operating ?!?! about 5 -6 people live on it

@newtondial#33095 maybe that’s a new callcenter that uses their number. Like they could re-route calls to them.

Not sure. It could also be the number for existing customers. I know they still provide support for existing ones but who knows for how long :stuck_out_tongue:


i called the 1888 number and he told me to call this number :18003733411 (Dont call it its a legit company)

called 8889127011and he told me that "Their systems are down"

I heard that pretty girl that was once there she picked up last week. Pretty sure there about to close and need to collect some more money before all there clients are lost on there rat trojan

Wtf there back. Similar people like Henry is there. Pretty sure they didn’t even move. Jus restarted with a full team wtf hatee these guy’s



thanks to another shit scammer down

next up pc expert

and lets not forget myphonesupport not blocked on mathrawk

if anyone get thru on any old americageeks number,…ask them if Kunal Bansal enjoyed his hospital visit. I hear he had a breakdown, from getting his business hammered.

All info about Geeks summarized in this video:

How can I get in touch with you BEN/NEEP?

@76561198075380224#39125 How can I get in touch with you Neep/Ben

@OneAmongTheFired#39136 under my email [email protected] :slight_smile:

8003614146 Scamming people with big money