Tech Support scammers| Geek Americas

So i called a “tech support” company called geek americas can anyone find out if its legit…i got the number from a spyware and he said he dont know shit about scamming…here is the number: 18886100490

@WarZone#12311 Number blocked on FireRTC and Hangouts which is what most scammers do… Most likely a scam.

When I call the number hangup .

Nah, Ive called Geeks America so many times and of course like most scammers, they say they aren’t a scam, but of course they are.


Thanks Guys :slight_smile:


@Flame#12337 For confirming that it is a scam.

He went on and on about how us stupid Americans can’t do anything blah blah…what losers


if they ask for a 4 digit code its 31212

@WarZone#12311 they don’t seem American probably scam but fun to prank

@WarZone#12401 That’s 5 :man_facepalming:

one of the coolest indian telephone trojan malware popup scammers , in new delhi , pretty big one

its called america geeks out of new delhi i been following this group closley

SCO 142 -143 SECOND LEVEL, Chandigarh, 160034, India

@newtondial#16901 it doesn’t seem like their location. What makes you think that that’s whede they are located?

because sam told me and jayden lol

@newtondial#17227 Sam called me a n****r lmao. They are hilarious

They told me to eat my own American shit because i said that i for some green shit on my screen and then said how does it feel to be an American

i feel there about to be done by the end of the year i beeen contacting there local police and been calling for months