Tech Support Scammer


This number has already been posted, but its still active. Me and my cousin have been abusing them for 2 days straight, and I have just used a VM for the first time. I was told at the start by 'David Wilson' that I should throw my PC out of a vindow to solve the wirus. I then said that it would be easier for him to, and he said that it would cost me $199.95. He instantly asked for my credit card info, and i asked if we could diagnose the issue first, but apparently it was for 'verification purposes' so i gave a fake one off of fakeaddressgenerator to him. He connected and tried to type '' and i asked what he wrote and closed the go to assist session, because im very new to scambaiting. I booted it again, he got on and tried to use logmein123. while it was downloading he opened the run box and typed syskey in the box. i closed it, and lets just say he should be able to tell that i think he's a bakrichod. have fun

i’ll give them a call right now, see what happens lol

2 days? Hahaha