Tech Support Scammer

This guy tried to syskey me. He also thought I was Lewis’ Tech. He then proceeds to ask how much I earn.


gonna raid this guy

do you happen to have the website?

@Nestastic#10482 I had it. while i was on the phone with him he asked me to show him the site (error) then when i couldnt find it he pasted it and opened it himself.

I just called them and wasted their time and they connected me to another person fucking with them!

calling them now

not picking up on me over skype :frowning:

@Nestastic#10482 oh lol I just looked up windows10techsupport. It came up with like a blog with that number

yo I did the prank dial app on them it was so funny i suggest it if you want to have a good laugh!!!


@TheMonstaa845#10686 have u tried using the soundboard in firertc? It really pisses them off.

@heinekenprince#10729 no i will try it thanks bro

does anyone know when this scam comes online

I want to prank them so bad