Tech Support Scammer

Tech India Support Scammer Phone Number - 855-698-3249 .

sure this is a scam? theyre indian but they say theyre not a scam and try really hard because they dont say curses and say fuck your mother. i dont know

@bobbychelseaboy#10074 They are and they try to put a lock my on laptop Windows 7 vm.

And their number is posted on YouTube too.

I researched the number and a lot of websites are saying it’s a scam business.

@bobbychelseaboy#10074 some call centers are not allowed to curse incase someone is recording and shit

@theicebore248#10095 or they pretend to be legit

Thank you guys for telling that person .

Removed one of the phone numbers as it is from one of your previous threads replace/d/1795-fake-india-tech-support-scammer-number

@FuelDaFlame#10255 Ok .

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