Tech Support Scammer

Tech support Scammer

Works with skype and google hangout

@Adamhaddad#9851 Do you have evidence that they’re scammers?

@1337mathster#9852 no but when u call them if u make them rage they will start calling you a terry makechoot

This is someone pranking scambaiters. It’s not tech support scam. It’s some guy attempting to sound Indian. He fails.

@Adamhaddad#9853 You do realize that when you piss someone off, they will rage at you. Get evidence that they are scammers, or your post may be removed. At least provide a website link.

@1337mathster#9855 Even if they are working at a legit company, they are not supposed to yell profanity at you regardless if the customer is being impolite. It’s unprofessional.

@scraps210#9857 I wonder, how much a normal human can tolerate before they lose it?

@1337mathster#9858 Believe it or not, there are some people who can tolerate this.

@scraps210#9854 idk I called them I guess he’s pranking but am still gonna call him lol HES SOO DUMP