tech support scammer

this number just called me today pretending to be from microsoft claiming that my computer has a virus +1 323 686 6288 call this number and waste the living hell out of their time

How do you know there a scam?

they called me saying that there was a problem with my computer and that they needed to remotely connect to my computer so that they could steal my personal information and fix a problem that is non existent


@Scammerbuster yeah you’re right i just got off the phone with them and omg they rage alot

there dumbass’s all i called and i talked for a little and i just stoped talking and the woman

woman: hello hello… hello…HELLO!!!

that is all i did lol:joy:


Lol, I was calling the 877 367 9212 number from a a different post and that number called me back

Can’t get them to go to fastsupport so i can use their dialer.

Placed me on hold im currently calling them good music

i asked dem if they are microsoft tech support and then they said no and i hung up XD

i told them i could not login to my computer. then he told me to have a good day and hung up…

i did it again and the guy started to use the n word on me. calling me “Rashid Kun”,