Tech Support Scammer


Why he is the most epic scammer ever: I asked him why he was scamming people. I then proceeded to call him a banchod and madarchod. He then proceeded to insult me with gibberish, then claimed word-for-word: "i KnoWw bEtuRR iNglessHH thAAAAAAAn YoooouUUu!1!!"

Its sad. Old people and young children fall for these scammers then they have to pay so much money to get their computer destroyed. If someone could RAT them that would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Use the code 65222 to get the triggered "soupurveyesur"


@HaydenWhiteYT#4931 I’ll try and rat them tmr. No gaurnetee they will fall for it though

[“BEST TECH SCAMMER EVER”,“Tech Support Scammer”]

They will fall for it if they leave any notes on the desktop and transfers it back.

I will try to get an ip address. They don’t seem to fall for RAT’s anymore. I don’t know though.

They can not care about the RATs

But they will have to listen to the hold music.

@Jnteamed#4988 Meanwhile, scammers on here are taking notes.

@scraps210#4991 I managed to reverse_tcp one of them on malcome merlyn live yesterday night ? it worked for 15 min but I had fun ? They are not that competent I think ! I have a metasploit session available on one of their computer but the webcam seems to be covered by tape (however they forgot the mic lol). I just need them to be online again !

@Milka7925#5010 Dammn.would be nice to see how they looked xD

@scraps210#5011 Don’t give up my friend ! I have my time and they need to scame, one way or the other I’ll get their pretty face ?

@scraps210#5011 We already did it with some African scammers in France who were trying to buy my car on a craiglist-like we have here in France (leboncoin). we infected a pdf supposed to contain my bank references they stupidly opened. you know what happens next if you script nicely your exploit ?

@Milka7925#5013 nice ?