Tech Support Scammer Number

Tech Support Scammer Number - 877-786-2227 he try to

syskey me but failed .

@michael221805#9367 just delete syskey from system 32

@scraps210#9368 How ?

@michael221805#9369 in the system 32 folder in the c drive

@scraps210#9370 ok.

@scraps210#9370 can u send a snapshot on where it is, cus i cant find it

does the number work for firertc?

@Tacobellswaq#9385 Yes it should work, if they block, just change your number and spam the hell out of them

@Tacobellswaq#9385 Hangouts work better as they cant block a unknown number :smiley:

@FOXYCallum1#9387 I gotta try that lol

@FOXYCallum1#9387 I have to buy credit for hangouts…?

@TwentyPho7#9386 I get a robot saying “this person you’re trying to call is “blah blah blah””

@Tacobellswaq#9391 LOL dude, think they are catching up… By the way, how do you mask your phone number when calling these douchebags?

idk, I use firertc and it told me to use my email address, I didn’t use a phone number.

@Tacobellswaq#9390 When you go onto hangouts there should he a little + next to where you put in the number and you can add credit there.

its like $5 xD

@Tacobellswaq#9395 Yeah, its not much

@Tacobellswaq#9385 Yes

Hangout is free

They live outside the U.S.