Tech support scammer (GoToAssist)

Indian idiot went straight for Syskey. Replace your syskey with something to piss him off

I do sound a bit gay at start but I did it for the act. Just started scamming scammers today!

18882259661 -> Feel free to leave a call

EDIT: hxxp://

Teri maa ki chut bhosdike! Man he got super mad lmfao funny man.

@scraps210#9468 I’ve replaced my syskey with a batch file converted to an exe.

When he clicks on it next time it’ll say F*** You.

Im still going to improve on that batch file

@Plexay#9505 I never knew! Thanks It’ll sure be of help.

I’ll post a video to this thread when a scammer try to syskey me, cause i’ve created one hell of a troll!