Tech Support Scammer - (844) 612-0508

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I just called for the first time. Now it is 9:16 AM Central, 03-Jun-2021. I spoke to an “Allen Cooper” and baited him for awhile. These benchods are going to be fun!

Hey call this one …844 908 0603 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey call this one …844 908 0603

Saturday 05-Jun-2021 11:12 AM I had a chance to do some calling and my call was answered! If I understood correctly, the name was “Amanda Wilson” though it sounded more like a man that a woman, though the voice was a somewhat high pitched voice. Anyway, he/she said to use Google search to search “anydesk download” and I said that I will put into the address bar of the Chrome browser. No, no, he/she said, type “anydesk download” into the Search bar of Google. So obediently of course I did so (typed with a grin). After searching, what are the links you see? I told him the first 2 or 3 links that were, but he/she asked about a link concerning something like Anydesk Fastest Remote Desktop Connection or something in that vein, and I found it down in the 4th or 5th link. So as directed, I clicked on it, and LO and BEHOLD it ends up going to The Fast Remote Desktop Application – AnyDesk (rolling my eyes). He/she wasted at least 10 minutes of his/her time when I said in the VERY BEGINNING something about putting in the the ADDRESS BAR.

I do not have a VPN/VMWARE set up. After about 25 minutes of beating around the bush and such, I called him/her out, and he/she wasted at least another 7-8 minutes being defiant and such.

So it is back in service at the moment!


11:29 AM Central 05-Jun-2021 Saturday I just called 844-908-0603 from my TextNow number and it says “Thank you for calling T-Mobile. We cannot answer your call at this time. Please call back later.” There was no message machine.

Immediately I called again from my Unknown Number VOIP and it rings and someone answered! He was Alex Johnson.

Maybe I’d called from my TextNow number and they blocked it???