Tech Support Scammer - (833) 398-3737 & (801) 396-0064

Suspected Telcoline number, uses UltraViewer (ID: 7382477/DESKTOP-9EHUU07)

  • The scammer, “Lisa,” will claim an “attempt of hacking” took place within the past 48 hours, prompting you to “connect to the Microsoft Secure Server” by downloading UltraViewer.
  • Once “Lisa” remotely connected to my virtual machine, I was asked to run the “netstat” command in the command prompt before transferring my call to “Alex Smith,” who opened the camera app and checked the popup for my IP address.
  • “Lisa” then had me run the “Netstat -a” command so she can falsely claim the “hackers” are listening to our conversation., then a “final scan” with the “dir/s” command. Once the “final scan” is complete, “Lisa” will falsely claim the Chinese hackers MADE AN ILLEGAL SUBSCRIPTION TO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY FROM PORNHUB with the Clampi virus and mobile banking trojans that also removed the Defraggler app.
  • As my case was a “case of identity theft,” I was asked not to make any additional phone calls as I receive a call from their “secure phone line,” (801) 396-0064 ( via Google Voice) before it was transferred to a fellow employee who posed as a representative with my bank.
  • I had to receive the call on my TextNow line as my PBX isn’t set up to receive any callbacks yet. I tried faking that I was low on minutes, but they still wanted to call my TextNow line, so I ended them off with the bhenchod song.
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833-398-3737 Jessica Tuesday 4-2-24 12:18PM EST


More callback numbers:

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602-823-6724 - Onvoy
917-999-5085 - TextNow
561-320-4108 - via Google Voice
803-866-8774 - TextNow