Tech Support Scam

Hi all, today I came to know about the average income of Tech Support scammers is more then 2 lakh doller. So wasting the time of scammers by calling them again and again is not a solution to stop the Tech Support scam. we need to find some other way too.


Like what? Please give the solution? XD

@technip007#10412 stop making these threads. The fact that you say ‘two lakh dollar’ sets off alarm bells in my head.

@technip007#10412 If you are here to tell us that scambaiting is not a good solution, why are you on this site anyways? Why don’t you go find another solution? don’t get me wrong im not mad or anything I just want to know why you are posting this on a scambaiting website.


You can ask this information to any of the gateways providers/ credit cards company or If you know any one working in the banks.

They will give all the information about this, like how many tech support scam complain they are receiving within a month. And also how many charge back or refund they need to process within a month.

Do you know basically more than 75% people from India. New Delhi NCR and Mumbai, Pune. Are doing this Tech Support scam each and everyday.

I came to know about this fact after contacting one of my friend who is working for Chase bank.


We can make the peoples aware by sending text message on phone, whats app, Facebook Instagram, by sending you tube videos links etc… and by posting the news into the newspapers and news channels. We can spread this information as much as we can.

Just we need to convey the peoples please do not call any unknown numbers for support, only follow the official websites instructions, Do not give access of your computer to any one online. Please Do not receive call from any unknown numbers talking about computers and emails.

Any email provider is never calls any user for any reason.

And the best thing we can do is just send some emails to the Ministry of External Affairs India and Indian Ambassador to the United States Including PM Office and DGP- Director General of Police of New Delhi (NCR), Noida, including Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. By addressing about all the story of Tech Support Scammers with some recoded conversation like Images/Videos and phone calls.
As we know 99.99 % scammers is from India and New Delhi (NCR), Noida, Including Uttar Pradesh and Haryana only.

@technip007#10496 You do realize if the government cares it wouldnt be such an issue?