Tech support scam


@GavinSJ03#9529 it just plays Indian music

@Teejay2400#9586 still dank enough.

Remove this pleaee

@Eric#9602 And why would this need to be removed?


i called the number forgot to record but it automaticly redirects to a canadian guys 100% legit guys been getting called for hours hasent done anything wrong as far as i know please remove....

@1337mathster#9604 get this off asap please

@pokeping#9607 The number was most likely used for scam purposes. These scammers are probably redirecting calls to people’s phones.

still on here im sorry to say this but this is poor work by mods. are we trying to annoy scammers or normal people ??

There is still no proof he is legitimate. Do not criticize moderators. @pokeping#9636

@FuelDaFlame#9647 i am legit please stop calling me im 14 and I just wana be normal and not get calls every second please im trying to sleep but so many calls I can’t

@Eric#9655 I a man not a scammer I a man legit hjusy a normal person don’t call plz

@Eric#9656 why would you have a 1888 number?

Really, because the location of your phone number is Canada. It is 2pm there. You wouldn’t be sleeping. Lying scumbag.

IP is hidden, and why would someone have a toll free number linked directly to their personal number? If that is the case just disable call forwarding. But from my research it seems like a scam. At the time of posting you wouldn’t have been asleep in any part of CA.

i called and someone from Aviva picked up. Remove this please

It has already been denied @bandbgamesroom#9682

oke i take it all back them im new here sorry just got confused after a jung guy picked up and it really sounded legit the guyon the phone was 100% no indian scam artist

I called them like 100 times asking them for the name of the Indian song that was playing last time. One of them told me they are going to shoot me