Tech Support scam

Number is 18448338435

She is in my virtual machine as of now, I don’t know much. Here’s a bingo card as of now: Screenshot by Lightshot

She downloading Advanced WindowsCare 2 on my VM. Also a dumb fuck and cant see “Virtual Box Graphics Adapter” Screenshot by Lightshot

Will update.

18448338435 Is the number they gave me when I askek it from them.

I just got done: Final bingo card: Screenshot by Lightshot

I don’t know much more then posted, this was my first time scambaiting, damn it was funny as hell seeing how fucking dumb those dudes are. Wasted a good 1 hour of their time. Their pretty fucking dumb so go ahead and mess with them, call works with firertc.

The number connects and the auto responder makes me wait for ever. I would like to believe it is a Dead Link.

@CaptainJJz#7820 is that number from us

Again, who is ‘us?’ Are you a scammer?

Post is dead, if your reading this, it won’t let me edit the main post.

Click the ‘•••’ to edit. The number might go live again though as many do.