Tech Support Scam


Called saying I am getting network errors on my PC. These guys hang up easily.

I called him up,they use GoToAssist,once connected i showed them this thread and told them that i am the admin of,those guys literally just started begging for removal.

Call them up and tell them that your name is Repear Lawde or Dr.Lecter and you literally blackmail them to do anything-!

Did you RAT them? @ParodyGordon#6667

@FuelDaFlame#6671 No I am talking about the removal of their number from this thread.

Perhaps,its easy to rat them since they are stupid,if you tell them that Goto assist is not opening,they ll use

You know how to exploit them;)

Thay will do anything for removal, RAT ahoy!

You can’t RAT them just by saying that you will remove them if you are allowed to RAT them. @Jnteamed#6709

Different strats:

Show them this thread, and tell them i am the hosting provider of this site, they will stop.