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Hello from Malwarebytes! We’ve been working on Guruaid for a long time, but there’s a couple things that could help:

  • 1.

    Clear audio of them identifying themselves as Malwarebytes, a MWB reseller/partner, or in any way connected to us.

  • 2.

    Them using ANY of our products. This includes Anti-Malware, Junkware Removal Tool, Breach Remediation - anything.

  • If you have these things, LMK and we will rain righteous hellfire down upon them.

    @BillTsingMWB#5767 If you are indeed from Malwarebytes, why is your IP address located in a DataCentre? The hosting company also appears to have a bad reputation.

    Sorry guy, had Private Internet access up. Doing too many things at once

    @thunder#5768 Can also shoot you a DM from twitter if that would help. @agnosis88

    @BillTsingMWB#5770 sure, feel free to message me @ThunderTYT

    Nvm I see you DMd me, thanks.

    @BillTsingMWB#5770 I got some others guys admitting to being Malwarebytes support, I have a recording if you would like?

    @BillTsingMWB#5770 Wow, Never knew malwarebytes is in this, scammers have using cracked license keys of norton, malwarebytes, and other antivirus. If you need help with piracy or the license key reusing, I can help with that because i have some ideas for you guys. Guruaid use fastsupport and malwarebytes never use fastsupport.

    If i can help you with piracy, guruaid will have a hard time conducting malwarebytes scam.

    @Jnteamed#5780 Totally wouldn’t mind hearing about license key issues. I know the scammers are stealing legit customers’ keys and reselling them

    @BillTsingMWB#5791 Windows key can’t be stolen as they are linked to the device itself. So we can apply the same concept to malwarebytes.

    I tried to grab their ip and i’ve got some info but unsure if their pc is behind something. could be prxy or a vpn for once. Also their website is pretty well protected I can’t boot them alone , if any are up for it to launch a co-op attack u can msg me. Also if any have an idea of their ip to confirm my suspicion, I would like to know that too…

    I already did UDP and TCP attacks with loic to the website for a while but it was for little result I need more people on this target.

    The ip of the call agent is protected i’m sure, it does not recieve TCP at all, but I wasted their time for some period atleast. :smiley:

    Greets from belgium

    @Frank#5834 Add my discord Zer0#3840