Tech Support Scam

IF woman answers just spell letters so badly as u can +1 855-400-3930

[Number recognized by Microsoft Technet as a scam]

[“IF woman answers just spell letters so badly as u can”,“Tech Support Scam”]


How does that help identify which scam it is?

@xxlikeab0ssxxb#5384 This is not legitimate Microsoft, it is a well know scam and has been posted on an reputable sites many times, including Microsoft Technet

is it a windows scam?

@xxlikeab0ssxxb#5392 Yes


about 30 mins ago I called them they just hung up

i called the number and i think they reconnected me to a real microsoft number she wants me to sell a microsoft asure product she even sent me a casenumber with [email protected]

I called them , and they really are some sneaky little pieces of shytes . the first part is basically someone with a good accent which then transfers you to and indian , next part is just the msconfig thing where they make you disable non-microsoft processes , which makes you believe that they’re legit , and that was their “basic” diagnostic , but in the “advanced” diagnostic they start the usual scammer thing minus the remote connection thingy , but one part really surprised me , they basically get your email and send a verification code , and above the email in outlook it says “this is from a trusted sender” or sth along those lines , and then they asked me to send my CC info via phone , which is honestly dumb , then i hung up .

@thelonewolf#5413 Microsoft Azure? If they did send you an email from a Microsoft email chances are it was spoofed, they are recognized by Microsoft as scammers.

@R34P3R#5426 yeah she was talking about a microsoft assure plan, premium software support, the first option was 85 euro and the second option 125 euro, she did al the same steps like i had once before a couple weeks ago with the lady joana, do you remember, cause you told me they where legit

Thelonewolf does she still answer the phone

I gave them a call with fireRTC and the guy the picked up was from the US…


Just called them again and got some action movie theme song waiting music ?