Tech support scam

844 797 2898

Claims my macbook was infected however I do not own a macbook.

@SuperLinkBro#4765 lmfao. You should have called them to have them explain why it says your MacBook has a virus even though you don’t have one xD.

@scraps210#4767 I asked them why they were calling me when I don’t even have one and he said there might be an “error” lol

@Jnteamed#4791 How do you use hold music on scammers?


Download here:

Project A is the most funniest,

Project is the hold music.

How to use, Play on computer, Call with phone!

PW: jnteamed

This is a archive file.

@CrustyEyeBalls#4830 Play it through your speakers so that the scammers could hear it.

That is what i did. Did you download it?

@Jnteamed#4836 Thanks, Im gonna try it out.

Just listened to project a and its funny as hell ? I gotta use this on a scammer

@Jnteamed#4836 It has a password


PW: jnteamed

Please read the post carefully. pw stands for password.

The password is jnteamed

@Jnteamed#4856 yeah I know pw stands for password lol. Didn’t read the whole post.

@scraps210#4858 I fixed it.

Everything else > Downloads > Hold Music