Tech Support Scam


Link for screenshot of popup:

Do u have a direct link to the popup? I like to have it up on the vm when I call

@CrustyEyeBalls#4763 I’ve encountered the popup from this link: hxxp://

you can try to find the pop up again.

@scraps210#4766 Couldnt find it but its ok. It now redirects to the real facebook. Ill just tell them I restarted my computer

@CrustyEyeBalls#4770 I think it might be this link:


@scraps210#4771 Weird. Brought me to google india ?

@CrustyEyeBalls#4772 lol oh well

@scraps210#4766 Depending on the circumstances of visiting a site like you can receive different popups as it uses location, referrer, and selection of available redirects to pick the place you get sent to. If at all possible directly link popups to avoid confusion.

Error- No picture

Take a look:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Jnteamed#4789 Just checked the link. It is working. I don’t know what’s wrong.

Everything is working now, direct picture is at imgur.

scrapss210, please use imgur, it has less to no ads.

@Jnteamed#4793 ok