Tech Support Scam


[“CALL THESE”,“Tech Support Scam”]

Please Remove this number

@himanshudangwal985#2373 This is absolutely a fake company, check your other post to Thunder about this number. Your company claimed to be micorosft, then google, cursed me in Hindi, and then admitted to scamming people. Your number appears on a plethora of fake popups as well as the fact everyone lie about your company being located in the US when in fact you are in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. If that doesn’t qualify as a scam, I’m not sure what does. You should rethink posting your information online before you run a scam.


please go to the website again . the number you have called that might be the internet generated number.
if we would be a scam we would have changed our phone number. it doesn't cost a penny.
so please remove this number from your website and we will make sure we will not do anything that harms someone .

Mukesh Rawat

@mukeshrawat#2395 It is far too late for that, I have plenty of physical evidence to believe that your company is not legitimate. If it weren’t a scam then why are people in YOUR company openly telling me it is a scam, and using tactics that are deceptive in order to extract money from victims. For your information the FTC is also aware of your scam, so that is a very good indicator that it is indeed a scam.