Tech Support Scam


Indian scammers.


Fake number posted by TomCloud himself, which btw is against the rules on

@Crunkle#980 What does the number do?

@thunder#994 @Crunkle#980 It’s not a fake number, nor my number. Please call the number and you will see that it is tech support.

@TomCloud#1000 I suspect that you have changed the number. From what I remember the original number started with a 3.

@etnguyen03#1001 I did not. That’s the original.

@TomCloud#1007 No, you definitely changed it, I have the original on my clipboard manager.

“313 528 7122”

@thunder#1014 I don’t know that number, it’s not mine.

@Crunkle#980 It’s not Fake: I’ve scambaited these guys so much I can’t use my own voice anymore. They’re a mixed bag of stupid and angry scammers… fun to mess with though!

@TomCloud#1000 i did call the number… i was the one who called you with my british friend the other day and called you out.

@Crunkle#1036 I don’t recall that. I never received a call from you because I never put my number on this website.