Tech support scam with blue screen

myofficeshops [dot] com is a bluescreen that locks your browser and has a number to call.

This is the number: 1-888-499-5530

You can close the browser only by killing the Chrome process in the task manager.

Yup, works on FireRTC and Skype, have fun messing with them!

Called him about 20 times ; )

@Oshgnacknak#5032 They seem to know me know after a couple of calls

Here’s their details

Screenshot by Lightshot

Country/Town/City: India, Haryana, Gurgaon
ISP Citycom Networks PVT LTD

Surprisingly Malwarebytes on my actual PC picked up the IP when they logged onto my VM which was handy considering they were using
I don't know what anyone can do with their IP and stuff but it would be awesome to know if someone can get any details about who they really are or can take them down.

Just started streaming again and i caught one

@mihaimoldovan#5058 Nice

Oh and another thing to do to annoy them is to play this song down the line ?

Heikki Mustonen - Rock 'n' roll mix (My Summer Car Soundtrack) - YouTube

The number is dead already ?