Tech Support Scam Popup


+1 888 488 0355
Number tested on Google Voice

image screenshot-20200217-164833png.png![image screenshot-20200217-164833png.png](

+1 339-333-8208 is the direct number

How do you get pop-ups like this?

@StupidGamer#128960 misstyping popular urls

@StupidGamer#128960 Mistyping URLs (hxxp://, hxxp:// are two examples), and I have a VM where I click “enable” on all those Chrome notification popups and click the notifications every now and then

Indian scammers:

8560 Sunset Blvd Suite 400 W, West Hollywood, CA 90069, (Regus Virtual office)
8560 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California, 90069 (Regus virtual office)

@etnguyen03#128966 Can i do that im not in usa

@etnguyen03#128966 oh ok, thanks

@etnguyen03#128966 btw, I have a VM. That’s why I want to prank a tech-support-scammer

@etnguyen03#128966 No luck

@StavDP#128980 You may need a US VPN as some links are restricted to US IPs only

They go down very fast. I think it is because google does the index of very fast.

Like 1 minute after the post was added it was on google. If scammers google their own url they find it on google.

Additional info about these scammers with fake West Hollywood address (virtual office)

502-260-3472 833-5567666

See this YT video