Tech Support Scam Numbers (August 2 2017)







Will post more soon. These numbers were grabbed off of the cyber attack map and TLS discord.

what do i put for the 5-digit code

@moistmemery#11051 I just kept pressing random numbers until it put me through lmao but nobody picks up after that (from my 5 mins of waiting)

LOL I called one number and messed with them for 20 minutes and he got mad and said “This is a real company, not a scam stop prank calling or we will contact police”

Type in 24072

@BEYONCLAIRE#11063 if ur using firertc just keep harassing them as they cant track u. Plus those are empty threats so continue harassing till they close their number

I said I really love you to a scam woman, and she was like ok whatever what is the virus u see on your screen? I said Dari madi chut, which means your mom’s pussy. SHE WAS SO PISSED OFF XD

Add this number too :


Uite si o imagine a popup

@Bryce#11045 another number : +448000465220

@BEYONCLAIRE#11063 hello :slight_smile:

Called the first number with hilarious results.

I just called the first number, as a prank, with my fake Mario voice, i’ll send the recording in abit.

I got another number for tech support:


answers quickly as of 9/3

@maxxusa8#13295 Ok? Make a new thread then.

Had a call form this number and am really suspecting that its a scam no +13217664909

Need your help guys

@maxxusa8#13295 they asked for a support key



let them down


@xyzable#16430. Is it ok to pick up if a scammer calls you the number is 2999999999

@cooldog83#16447 if the number is 2999999999999 whatever you can pick it up but do not say “Yes” or anything like that.