Tech Support Scam: 1 (855) 668-4835, 1 (844) 236-5222,



1 844-236-5222


1 (877) 933-8155


1 (877) 708-4866


1 (877) 924-4861


1 (877) 791-5122


1 (855) 283-2371


1 (877) 753-2049


Typical Tech Support Scam.

Works on google hangouts

He called me a prostitute.


He is traveling to my home and is going to have gay sex with me lmfao

@scraps210#9533 hey he talked to me and he just helps with email and with tech support he is nice unless your an ass to him

@scraps210#9557 and because one college Is rude dosent mean the whole business is bad

@zealand#9558 I am certain they are scammers. Did you let him gain control of your computer?

@R34P3R Would you kindly verify if they are legitimate?

@zealand#9558 Lol they wanted to gain control of my computer immediately without even asking questions about my problem.

Also why do they use fake English names?

Just asked for their location and he started cussing me out instantly. Definitely scammers.


@R34P3R#9581 Thank you!

@scraps210#9566 I let him gain control of my virtual machine

trying to call them atm no ones picking up :frowning:

They r legit, They didnt offer any lifetime support, They r an email support company.

@justin35#9623 I really wanted the lifetime package :(. Now you guys only do email support. lol

@justin35#9623 gtfo stay in that diry old cave you life in


[“Tech Support Scam: 1 (855) 668-4835”,"Tech Support Scam: 1 (855) 668-4835, 1 (844) 236-5222, "]