Tech Support Scam Company

Globe Technotonics


For anyone wondering the registrant’s information can be found below:

Name: Akshey Grover

Organization: Globe Technotonics LLC

Address: 10710 Sahdy Canyon

City: Houston

State: Texas

Postal Code: 77070

Country: US


Email: [email protected]


I do not know how you rank a company if it is a scam? I am customer of Globe technotonics.. and they disclose that they are an independent company who provide computer support services. I am there with them since last Aug and it was always pleassure to talk to Peter, who is my account manager. I called them several times for many computer problems and they fix them with ease sometimes by verbal support over phone or with remote support. If they are charging fee for there services it does not mean that they are doing a bad thing.

@Hello1#4234 They use fraudulant popups to scare their victims into calling, they display “errors and warnings” in Event Viewer that do not mean anything at all is wrong with the device, they are perfectly normal. They use Command prompt (tree & netstat command) to show “hacking activity” when in actuality command prompt cannot show any signs of hacking, they also claim stopped services are abnormal, when in fact they are perfectly normal, services should only be listed as running when a program or task is actively using them. Lastly, when I refused to pay after they remotely connected to my device they ran syskey, which, if it were my actual device, would’ve forced me to lose all my files and have to reinstall Windows. My assumption, based on your phrasing and usage of words, you are Indian, I would even venture as far as to say that you are either Akshey, or an employee of the company.

**By the looks of it you are either an employee, or owner of this company trying to defend your scam, if this isn't the case give me a call and we can discuss this in detail +1-888-286-1909**

@R34P3R#4246 Scammer detected!

@1337mathster#4253 He found that his company was on the website, so he decided to employ google translate, use big words, and try to get it removed.

@R34P3R#4255 has he called you?

@scraps210#4258 Nah, I doubt he will

I doubt they will use teamviewer because gotoassist and any downloads is blocked on my VM, only teamviewer.

I suggest changing regestering on this site from india requires a math problem; inscribed circles.

I tried to write telling my story and must be limited access. Several months ago they did the screen thing about the virus etc. I ended up 1435$ for 3 yr maint agreement. that gave me microsoft firewall, virus protection etc unlimited access to their tecks. Last week received cl from Globe telling me can’t provide service any longer going to refund my money. Sd they would get back to me the next day with forms to do this. They called me bk saying I needed to buy 2 $400 Google Play cards and scan to them. I ended up sending them 400 and was to get 400 bk + 1435$. Didn’t hear from them called to them they sd they nvr cld me not giving any kind of refund would never ask for Google Play. Advd me I no long have service with them and definitely not giving refund. This is another scam on a senior who certain needs the 400 bk plus the 1435. This isn’t 1st time I had asked for refund. I had tried to do this shortly after purchase and they refused then also. I wish there was somewhere to go for help recouping funds!!